Joining a course

If you wish to join a course, you are required to pay a deposit of £30.  The receipt of a deposit is necessary to reserve a place.  There is, unless I have indicated otherwise, no need to ask if a course is full.  I can deal with any number of people and will split the group to ensure that the coaching is focused on only a few at a time.

Deposits can be paid either by sending a cheque made out to "J Hill" to 16, St Anne’s Rd, Oxford OX3 8NL


by transferring the funds to Santander 09-06-66, J Hill, a/c 43316735 (please email me on to advise me that I should expect to receive funds).

I shall confirm receipt when appropriate.

Deposits can be credited against future courses and will, in the event of a cancellation of the course, be refunded in full. 

Prepayment of Taster Days is requested as attendance is really important to ensure viable numbers.  Failure to appear leads to a reduced learning experience for those who do attend.

Please note that the payment of a deposit reserves a place, not the sending of an email intending to attend the course.  You’d be surprised how many people – even having paid deposits – don’t show up and sometimes don’t even get in touch to explain why!

I hope to hear from you soon.