After your course

After you’ve attended a full course at FRCC, you will be invited to join the club and pay membership fees (£210 p.a. for 2012).  

Further free coached sessions will be available for those who have decided to continue when you will be instructed in more useful skills such as coxing and shepherding (to help supervise a crew from the bank).  People wishing to learn how to scull on their own – "in a single" – and anyone else to whom it might relate will be asked to attend a capsize drill session usually arranged in a local swimming pool.  There is a further charge for this to cover pool and equipment hire.

At Falcon, the squads contain many rowers who started their own rowing careers here.   On successful completion of the novice course, you will be invited to join the main squads or offered the opportunity to continue rowing with other people of a similar standard.  Coaching and supervision can be arranged to meet your demands although this is usually provided voluntarily and so does not constitute anything the club can undertake to provide as a part of your membership.  A degree of self management will be encouraged to allow you to row independently, if you wish, and any contribution you can make to facilitating the rowing of others will be greatly appreciated.

Uniquely at FRCC, you can also join the Touring Group who scull their specially designed touring boats to various destinations on the river for the pleasure of touring alone, for pub visits, or for picnics and the like.

You will also be provided with details of and advice about local clubs so that you can compare and contrast your experience and aspirations with what they have to offer.  These would include Falcon, Oxford Academicals, City of Oxford RC and Abingdon.